Down by the Pond

We have three little friends that live down by the pond. They haven’t been in the neighborhood very long and are quite the trio. I’ve yet to see one without the other two. They seem to have settled in quite nicely over the last few months. They aren’t from this area and are transplants to the pond life. Funny, but even after only having these neighbors for a short time, I look for them everyday. Their names are Sunny, Pete, and Sully. They are as different as can be and yet are the best of friends and are quite the superstars around here.

We have lots of unwanted neighbors in the woods and around the pond. I’m often concerned the unsavory types will get after our friends. Between predators and the weather, we worry. It was especially concerning this past week when the tropical storm came through as remnants of Hurricane Irma barreled through the state. As the rains and winds picked up, I couldn’t help but think of our friends down by the pond. We were lucky to have no damage to our home but how did the pond guys fare? Did they hunker down under a bush? Do they float around on the pond staying clear of falling trees? How do they keep from being separated; they aren’t very big and the wind was gusting. I guess the good Lord has all of this figured out…nature is His thing, after all.

Once the weather calmed down and the trees stopped bending in half, it was safe to venture out. Thankfully, our little friends were shaking off the nastiness of ol’ Irma and happily paddling around looking for breakfast. We surely do like our little friends. We’re glad they moved in.



A Post – Lost

Ugh! After working on my “writing” commitment for about an hour, the entire post disappeared when I tried to add a picture! Good grief!

Being out of practice effects more than putting words on to a page. Remembering how to use this blog world is also a challenge. Goodness, I don’t know if I have the thoughts or energy to redo the post.



Thoughts for pondering…

I have the best intentions and thoughts for blog posts at the most inopportune times, driving down the road, grocery shopping, during boring meetings, etc. I need a plan for how to catalog those ideas when I can’t write or type. Hmmm…something else to ponder…

Things that make me think:

-What exactly are my bucket-list items? Must I have a bucket-list? I have places I’d like to visit and things I’d like to do but nothing monumental enough to qualify as a bucket-list, at least not in comparison to other lists I’ve heard mentioned.

-My views and beliefs on life choices today versus previous years and why my thoughts have changed or remained the same. (This post might not be so fun to write or think about…may not tackle this anytime soon.)

-Grocery shopping and how badly I would like a change in this inefficient process.

-Family members may no longer be here with us but God sends angels to cross our paths and fill our needs in love.

-Friendship circles and/vs. needs at seasons in our lives.

-Acceptance and forgiveness

-I need fresh air and sunshine – why?

-Helping/Serving others – Expected? Need? Want? Responsibility?

-I really don’t like house-cleaning but I really like to cook.

-Mid-life and a need to exercise. Ugh!

-When you realize your husband really is your best friend. 😉

-Life after work.

-I wish I could decorate my house but mostly I just want it to be clean and organized.

-Devotions/Bible readings and study – how the Lord is speaking to me at any given time.

Hoping to spend some time each day in thought about boring daily life as well as musing and wonderings as they occur to me. I look back over the past years of posts and relish the memories.