Another Blessed Week Just Ahead

Seven months, it’s been seven months since I pulled up my blog to jot down a few thoughts. Interesting…

It’s ASP (Appalachia Service Project) time!

As the tools are counted and packed, clothes boxes (really large boxes) are barely able to close, excitement mounts. It happens every year. We know the day is coming; somedays we even dread it and yet, here we are again. In all the unknowns about our mission, one thing beyond all else is certain, God has already prepared the way. Isn’t this always true?

Thirty eight (or 39, the number keeps changing) willing and giving souls will find a seat on a comfy church van and drive about eight hours to spend the week with people we don’t know, doing work we are less than skilled to do, and loving each other and strangers more than we would here at home. We take with us a church family and community that chose to pray and offer financial support – we all go on this journey together.

We will miss so many former team members that aren’t with us this year. Life happens and seasons change. To those that can’t go, all that you’ve done before has helped prepare the way. We know you will be with us in prayer and spirit.

Hazard, Kentucky… Cordia School in Lotts Creek – we’re coming!

A little pleasure reading:,_Kentucky


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