Happy Birthday Bess!

It’s your birthday our Bess! And, it’s a big birthday – 16 years old today! It’s so cliche to say, “It’s hard to believe your already 16,” but truly it doesn’t seem possible. Sixteen years ago this morning around 9am, you made your debut into this world and made it a brighter, more special place to live.

We are so incredibly proud of the young lady you’ve become. Your future is promising because of your inner strength, talent, drive, and passion.┬áTurning sixteen is a pivotal birthday as you’ll take the next step toward independence. Car keys symbolize so much more than a means to start an engine. You’ll drive out of the driveway and take on the world. I pray you are ready, my girl. I pray God will cover you in a security hug of safety, love, and protection. Have a happy, happy birthday and know you are loved beyond measure!