Leaving the Nest

As it always seems, we’ve taken the days together for granted. The sleepy morning hugs (and grunts), time curled up on the couch, quiet time just sitting, finding you asleep most anywhere, long talks, dinner prep and new recipes, silly laughter, your never ending helpful spirit, hearing your shower each morning, listening for “Mom, I’m home” as you come in at night, watching you pray in church, seeing you hold your Bible in your hands, the very essence of you…changes drastically in a mere 24 hours. The day you’ve waited for and counted off the calendar arrives all too quickly for me tomorrow morning. We will pack the trailer with “you”. Your treasured belongings and other junk will leave here never to fully return. Being the second child to leave our warm little nest, I know you’ll be home, sometimes for long periods, but as it should be, it will never be the same. We have worked your entire lifetime for this lift-off. It terrifies me that I must help push you out in to this world, a place full of unknowns and people we don’t know. Thankfully, we have the assurance that even when dad and I can’t be there with you, our precious Lord will walk every step of every day alongside you.

I’ve tried to think of prophetic words to offer that will ring as a special way to close this chapter and turn the page to the next adventure. The words don’t come…very simply, I don’t want this chapter to close yet. You have been my little shadow since you arrived in January, 1997. Your orbit has never been far from home so it’s difficult to think about these next few weeks as we all adjust to your absence.

You, however, are going to know and live the excitement of all you’ve dreamed college would be. There aren’t many periods in my life I’d choose to go back to but college is certainly one! Oh the things you will learn in your classes and outside those walls. Your very circle of life is about to explode with new friends, adventures, quandaries to ponder, late nights, early mornings, problems to tackle, household adjustments…truly a remarkable time of growth is to come.

My precious girl, no matter where you are in this world, you are and will always be my heart. There is no distance nor time that will change our ever entangled spirits. You have been my sunshine and I’m excited to watch you fly high as you leave me tomorrow. Know that your place in our little nest will always be here for you to land in when needed. We love you sunshine baby.