ASP – 2015 Begins

Good intentions of writing more often have fallen short as life tends to take precedence. I think often of posts and memories I want to preserve via this blog but never make it to the actual “post page”…sometimes because I can’t remember the password. Oh well…

It’s ASP time again and this trip stirs my heart and soul every year. We will load up this morning and head to Newport, Tennessee. I’ve not been to an ASP center in TN, only KY, not that where we are would matter once we get there. We’re excited and have been praying for our future families for the week and this ASP team. Last year, I wrote a post about how much could change by this year, and it has. Graduations, jobs, and family will change the face of our Alexander City ASP team but our hearts go with the same intention – to touch lives and show someone the love of Christ.

Time to pack last minute items and figure out how to get this extra coffee pot on a van without too much grief from Jimmy or Chad. 😉

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