Baby “C” turns ONE!



In 365 days, you have changed our world, our hearts, our lives. In only 1 year, we cannot imagine a day that you weren’t here. Your constant smile, precious and infectious laughter, and plentiful kisses consume all of us. We are so thankful for you.

Since August, 2013 (365 days ago), you have mastered eating, crying, sleeping, smiling, laughing, rolling over, sitting, screeching, talking yourself to sleep, crawling, walking, dancing, running, and now talking! You’ve been loved by your family, Miss Clara, Miss Marie, as well as lots and lots of other people. You’ve traveled to church, Gatlinburg, Birmingham, Fairhope, on Lake Martin, Destin, Gulf Shores, and Orange Beach. YOU HAVE GAINED ABOUT 16 POUNDS AND GROWN ABOUT 6 INCHES!

When I look back over the past year and the thousands of pictures we’ve taken, it’s hard to comprehend how much you’ve changed. In only a year, you’ve gone from depending on those around you for everything to already insisting on doing things for yourself.

Coleson Adam Wendling, you are an angel on earth and have filled our family with excitement and another level of love we could not have dreamed possible. As much as we would love for you to stay little forever, we’re excited to walk & run every step along side you in the years to come. Praying for God’s many blessings for every breath you take.

Love you so much!


IMG_2684 IMG_2862


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