Exactly as I feared

Is it the mattress? Am I just getting old? Maybe I need to exercise more – ahem…maybe I should exercise period? MY BACK HURTS EVERY MORNING!! Even after purchasing a new mattress, which now I wonder if we even needed, my entire back aches every morning. I was so very excited after finally making a decision to buy the ridiculously expensive mattress. (It took me a year or longer to decide.) After the purchase, I “dreamed” of climbing in to bed and floating on dreamy clouds all night. So now what? Should I have gone with a softer mattress, a different pillow top, firmer?

How is it that anyone knows what mattress will be the best, I mean, you can’t spend the night in the mattress store, right? The 2 minutes I stretched out in the store was awkward enough. Maybe I should have asked to be left alone for awhile and taken a nap.

What am I supposed to do with this bad purchase NOW?!!


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