The Days Come and Go

Early morning sounds (really early morning…) are bringing the house alive. Once again, we find ourselves at the beginning of another school year. Once again, my three girlies will soon head out of the door. Once again, the day has come to begin yet another chapter.
Thirteen school starts ago, my AM was still sleeping, not quite as ready to begin her adventure in to Kindergarten as she is her senior year. Her little backpack was packed, and that hasn’t changed. Her lunch and snack sat on the counter, that hasn’t changed. Her clothes for the first day of school have been picked out…that hasn’t changed. Many days have passed all too quickly, and she most definitely has changed. The big hair bow is gone and the smocked dresses are hanging in the closet. The tears and leach-like creature that wrapped herself around my legs will confidently walk out of the house this morning for her last first day of school. Yes, the days continue to come and go. The anticipation of starting her senior year is here. This is the day that seemed too far away to think about, too far away to get emotional and yet, here we are. All of the days that have come before us brought us front and center to this day. Lord, please cover this child in your love. Let her share Your love with others throughout today and the rest of her life. I pray she has an amazing last first day of school.

As it happens around here with four kiddos, one pivotal year rarely stands alone. Our SB has an adventure of her own beginning today. We all can remember the first day of high school as one of the more nervous and exciting days in all of our school career. From elementary school we all look at the “big high school” kids with wide-eyed amazement. Today, our little SB, will step on to a new campus thrilled to finally have arrived. This morning, she will bounce down the stairs like always but today…the bouncing blonde curls will have been replaced with straight, big girl hair. As much as some things change, SB’s love for learning has been with her from the beginning. The “thinker” in our family will have a mind full of questions and thoughts as she prepares for her day. Her young mind will be on overload today as she tries to find her way. Poetic and ironic at the same time, this is another practice day for the rest of her life. Find your way my sweet girl with the Lord walking with you every step of the way. He will never leave your side.

And then there’s Kee…left alone to finish up at the middle school. Little Kee will hop out of the car on her own this morning to take on a school year without a big sister close by. Sad? Not a chance! This is her time to shine. Much like the rest of her life, this joy filled child will take on this day with excitement and thankfulness. Her backpack has been packed and zipped for at least three days and her first WEEK of clothing have been picked out for even longer. Being the baby of four, Kee sees life a little differently than the others. She doesn’t mind being away from me for she’s seen that she can always come home. There’s no need to overthink anything…life is good and everything will work out. She revels in the joy of each day and lives life to the very fullest, challenging each of us to do the same. Our Lord knew exactly what we needed in this happy spirit. Please protect that spirit Lord and continue to grant her a contagious happiness.

So, the days do come and go all too quickly. We’re thankful for each minute we all have together but as it goes, I think we take many for granted. Sitting here this morning listening to the beginnings of another adventurous school year, let it be Lord that we realize and give thanks for each other and for each minute.


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