Happy Birthday, Bud!

There are certain birthday years that are notable and worthy of mention. When children turn one, five, ten, sixteen, eighteen, twenty-one, and twenty-five it’s a big deal. Not that all of the years in between are not but somehow these years seem extra special.
Our oldest turns twenty-five today and honestly, it’s hard to believe. Twenty-five years plus one day ago, we enjoyed a festive and very pregnant 4th of July. I honestly can’t remember if we went to watch fireworks but something certainly stirred up Adam to come early. About 11pm on the fourth of July in 1989, our world changed forever. We had no idea the impact and joy he would bring to us. We couldn’t possibly imagine how loving he would be to his future sisters. Even further from any inkling in our minds was the understanding of the amazing father and husband he would be some twenty-two years in the future.
On Adam’s first birthday, I wrote,

Dear Adam,
You are now a year old. We had your first birthday party today. It’s hard to believe that one year ago today you were born. It is unbelievable how fast this year has gone. You have learned so very much and so have we. You’ve gone from being very dependent on us for everything to knowing and doing so much for yourself.
Just think, a year ago you found comfort in our arms and always snuggled up to sleep. You exchanged that for energy so much energy that being still just isn’t possible. You’ve gone from being totally immobile to crawling and now walking and running. You would’ve skipped crawling and gone straight to walking if we had let you. The doctors told us that you needed to do both so we put up the walker and put you down on your hands and knees.
Adam, your growth and development physically and mentally have been phenomenal – no doubt. When I look past that, I see so much more. You have brightened our lives like nothing we could ever explain. A simple smile or laugh or maybe a cry or sniffle is so special. Daddy and I smile inside and out when you are happy and cry when you aren’t. Today we celebrated the most important day in your life. No other will be as much of a milestone as this has been. You have been with us a year and it’s the “best” year of our lives. I love you sweet pea with all of my heart and soul. God bless you and look after you always.