Coming Down the Mountain


We’ve come home from our mountaintop in Kentucky. Life was waiting for us right where we left it. Along with hot showers, comfy beds, and good food, we’re also back in the throngs of our schedules, phones ringing, early morning alarms, bills to pay, laundry to do, and the big world problems. Interestingly, none of “that” has changed. Maybe we have?

Coming home from a weeklong mission trip where our focus shifts from ourselves to someone else has the potential to be a depressing time. It’s like the week after Christmas or vacation where we can feel lost and out of sorts. The build-up prior to our ASP week begins about ten months before we go. Anticipation grows with each meeting until finally we’re on the way. We spend a week sleeping within inches of each other, eating two meals a day together, sharing heart wrenching/warming stories of our workday, lamenting and enduring the shower torture. We focus each day on “God Moments” and share each night circled in prayer and song…and then we come home.

 As I sat at a traffic light this afternoon after running errand after errand, I realized a couple of things. First, I miss my FUMC – ASP family today. Last Monday night at this time, we had all experienced our first day. We had much to share, warm-fuzzies to write, and silly, silly things to laugh about. It was a melancholy moment to think it would be a year before we would get close to that feeling again – if ever. In an effort to understand how and why God uses these experiences like our week in Kentucky, the second realization dawned on me.

God allows us time on the mountaintop to be close to Him, to feel all that it is to be with Him, in Him. What and how we use this experience when we leave is the question. Each of us experienced something special that filled our hearts and souls. He has graciously given us these experiences so that we are able to navigate the many valleys in our lives, not so we can stay on the mountain. We must cherish these beautiful experiences, and draw from them in the valleys. As we go forth to share with others, isn’t it comforting to know, as Christians, there are mountains out there for us to rejuvenate our souls so we can spread the beautiful love of God.

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