Backdoor Blessings

Never give up. I know that and yet I almost had. God’s timing is not our own and His touch comes at just the right time. We all come on this mission trip with the hopes of making a difference and like it or not, we want to know that we did.  Yeah, yeah, I know we’re touching lives and we’ll never truly know how or to what degree. It’s bonus to actually be able to put your finger on “why am I here – why was I sent”.  I began our final day with the heart-warming “overall good” that we had done for our homeowner and didn’t expect anything more.

 I rarely feel worthy enough to claim I know that God is specifically using me for a purpose but our last morning began on site by meeting a new family member, the grandson. We learned more about mining operations and the economics of the area. The grandson had come to help his grandfather with tasks around the house. All was going well and I had the warm feeling that our homeowner had a loving family member there and was not totally alone in this world. Not too long after we arrived, the yelling, cussing, and berating began. Growing up in a volatile family, it’s impossible for me to watch it or even be around it now. Generally, I remove myself from the situation, as I’m terribly uncomfortable but not this day. As the grandson listened to unwarranted and irrational attacks from his grandfather, a peace settled in my heart. Was it the Holy Spirit? I think so although I’m hesitant to claim such. I know that it was not by my strength alone that I was able to stay put and talk to the grandson. This young fella of “38 year” was hurting, confused, and quite frankly, ready to walk away from his grandfather forever. Not having lived a perfect life, he comes to try to do the right thing for a man unable to do for himself but how much is too much. I don’t remember all we talked about but I do know that it wasn’t me doing the talking. As much as I’m glad to have been used in some way this week, I’m so thankful that we have a Lord that fills our hearts and souls with the Holy Spirit so we are able to share with others just at the right time.

 All week I waited and looked for my purpose in the obvious places, the front door. This year, my blessing was waiting at the backdoor on the very last day.


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