The Difference a Year “COULD” Make

We come to the end of yet another great experience in Kentucky. Our final workday is finished. Our teams have been scattered all over this county working, making new friends, leaping out of comfort zones, and seeking to serve someone other than ourselves. Good-byes are never easy on the last day. There are few times in our lives when you are fairly certain, you won’t meet up with these people again. We leave praying we’ve done God’s work and hope they will remember us.

As we circled up last night and I looked around at all of the individuals making up our team, it occurred to me that a whole “lotta” life is going to happen for each of us before next year. Every year, our group is special and God-sent. Every year, it’s different. I wonder who will return and who will not. We have college kids, newly graduated children and many beginning their senior year in high school. Their lives are entering a new and exciting time where spending a week on ASP may or may not be possible. Before now, these kids have been absolutely certain they’d be coming.  Adults? Who will be back? Will our jobs and families stay healthy enough to allow us to come? What I am certain is that the Lord is going to lead us and lead new youth to join us and the teams will be fantastic as always. Circling up tonight, I want to appreciate every last moment with our team from Letcher County, 2014. 


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