Lost – Who Cares?

Round and round we go…looking for Walmart. Only in Kentucky with this crazy group of people does it matter NOT that we’ve gone about 45 minutes in the wrong direction looking for Walmart. Back home, who has the time to be lost? It’s no fun to be lost when life is banging on the door. In Kentucky, we enjoy the leisure of being lost as this gives us time to see the beautiful sunset over the mountain, mining operations of huge coal beds, and of course lots of laughter, music and car dancing with our teams.

Tomorrow is our last work day and all we can think about is spending time with our families before we have to say good bye. Every year we hear the young people with us making plans to see our new found friends again, to keep in touch. Us old folks know that the likelihood is slim. We live a world away and most of our friends here aren’t on social media and aren’t much on handwritten notes. Yes, it will be goodbye to another set of families that will forever leave a mark on our lives and on our hearts. We will pray for them and remember them forever. Our ASP staff will always be associated with our experiences here and of course, the center accommodations will be the source of many years of laughter and memories.


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