As great as it is to be tucked away snuggly here in Kentucky where, if only for a few days, life’s troubles are put on hold until you get “that” call. The phone ringing on a cell challenged mountain means one or two things; little ones need to hear from you back home or something’s wrong. For one of our long-time ASP family, the latter was true yesterday when his phone rang. The call that no one wants to receive came, “you need to come say your good-byes.” No matter the age, losing your mom or dad never gets easier.

Our prayers are filling the space between here and heaven for our dear friend. As much as we’d like to find something, anything to do to help, there’s nothing more powerful than lifting he and his family up to God. We pray for loving comfort and a tranquil peace to settle over each one of them.

Until we see you friend, we miss you.

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