Faith and Good Works

            It’s funny how while on our disciple’s journey, we’re in a constant struggle, a quandary, trying to find a balance of faith and deeds. We are ever questioning our faith. Will it ever be enough? Do I truly have even the faith of a mustard seed? Then the deeds…this part of the equation seems much simpler than the faith portion. Is it really? Actions like serving in our communities or abroad are easy enough to take the time to do – we can all find some time and offer labor. The question for me is where are our hearts and minds while laboring? Have we stripped away the judgment, the questions, and aggravation and filled our hearts with the love that Jesus has for us? We claim to be the hands and feet of Jesus but isn’t that somewhat comical? I know for me, I love “trying” to serve how I think Jesus would want me to but there’s yet to be a time where human issues don’t find the cracks and crevices of my mind – my heart. I see the task, job-oriented folks struggling with their minds becoming too focused on the job at hand, getting it finished, completion.

            How do we ever find the balance spoken of in James 2:14-26? Each year on ASP, I love meeting the family or individual that we serve. It’s my favorite part of the week, as I don’t offer much in the way of construction. But no matter how hard I try to keep my heart focused, little questions creep in, little doubts filter through. The logical side of my head and heart says it’s a defense mechanism taking over to try to understand the pain and heartache we find here. I doubt I’ll ever strike the balance but I think I’ll keep on trying.


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