Every day….every day the same thing….

No alarm clock needs to chime, buzz, or send shock waves through the bed to awake me. My eyes open every morning around the same time. Rarely do I need assistance waking. It occurs to me occasionally that my morning activities are on auto pilot. From the mundane task of turning on lights as I walk through the house (so I don’t trip over the canines), to the smile inducing first sip of coffee – it’s the same process every morning. Breakfast and lunches prepared, laundry started, and of course my time with God. When not in an organized Bible study, my daily reading plan carries me through the Bible one day at a time.

I don’t suppose there is anything particularly wrong with the same ol – same ol stuff each morning? Some “experts” suggest we should change up our routines to keep the mind sharp. Hmmm…not sure I’d be able to find my coffee cup in my stumbling morning stupor.

I need another cup…


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