Prong – Day 1

Prong, Aragog, Parsel Tongue, Fairy Lights, Lupin – our team names. Most of us don’t even understand what those names mean but we’re here and embracing lots that we don’t understand.

Day 1 – Prongs (Jimmy Yates, Logan Blake, Elizabeth Whitley, Elizabeth Harvey, Sam Sturdivant, Bella Baker, Tammy Wendling)
Monday chore for Prongs was to setup and clean up breakfast so our workday started a bit late but no problem with that – it’s Mozy Monday. We arrived and that’s what matters!

Our home is around the bend, up the hill, down to the holler, past the old tree and then….UP THE MOUNTAIN! Whew – up, up, up we go on a gravel drive that needed some serious grading. After our home visit (in the church van) on Sunday night where we were rockin’ and rollin’ climbing the hill, we decided to take the four-wheel drive truck for Day 1. Good decision.

As we get to the top of the holler, the view is a kiss from God. The crystal blue skies meet the tops of the deep green timber. Immediately we hear a myriad of birds and a creek running after a night shower. It’s going to be a good day. ☺

Our sweet homeowner greets us and spends the entire day helping and offering ever so appreciated help. Our team’s task is to replace some band joist and “we think” to redo the bathroom. Today was productive even with the slow start. After taking some time to assess and get organized, the kids were quick to jump in and pull out the power tools! Safety Monitor, Sam, kept us in ear plugs and safety goggles. He was quite the little safety monitor and wore his fanny pack all day. The center staff gave him a gold star for his due diligence.

Our Day 1 was easy, productive, and reassuring that yet again, we are here for a reason.

Notes for another post:
-wrestling chickens
-beautiful turkeys
-mingling youth




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