Fairy Lights – Day 1 & Day 2

Fairy Lights led by David Sturdivant better known as “Big Dave” started our adventure today. Team members are “G Babe” (Grant Hudson), “Little Bice” (Bennett Bice), “Linda Jane” (Linda Bailey), “Pay” (Payton Windsor), “Hal” (Hallie Bain), and “Mags” (Maggie Fox).
Day 1 was kind of a struggle because we did not know where to begin. We spent most of the morning ripping out flooring. Much to our surprise, we invaded the comfy home of the largest spider we have seen up close and personal. It was big, hairy and ugly! We all screamed! Miss Francis, our ASP family, is an amazing artist and compassionate woman. She loves her cats and treasures her family. The views from her home are breath taking and inspiring for an artist. As the day came to a close, we felt like we had taken apart her quaint home.

Day 2
The “Fairy Lights” gang returned for a second day after a downpour the night before. We all mastered the “sawzall”. In fact, who knew all 7 of us could fit in an 8×8 room with hammers, power saws and chisels at the same time. We spent some time today outside digging a French drain, it was a design straight from Paris. “Big Dave” had a fender bender and cut his hand. Dr. Bain, want-a-be took good care of him. We also had a healthy debate about whether it is a wheelbarrow or a wheel barrel. We left today feeling much more accomplished, we could see the fruits of labor.


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