Aragog – Day 1 and Day 2

Aragog – Chad Wendling, Alice Parmer, Anna Lee Price, David Ballard, Whitley Bailey, Hanna Causey, Dylan Goldhagen

1st day – Excitement throughout the day – tree blocking road, copperhead, everyone working under the house in a 3 ft crawl space, concrete and mud…but what fun! Ms. Norma and Mr. Wade area a precious elderly couple that love the Lord and love us! We are building supports and hopefully underpinning later in the week.
Chad cut the tree. Mr. Wade killed the snake, and we all took turns under the house paving concrete! Ms. Norma is always sharing her family stories and telling us we are God’s love! It was a great 1st day!

2nd day – Not as much excitement as day 1 but just as fun! The ladies constructed a girder along with temporary supports, while the young men worked more under the house. Some challenges have been trying to hammer while in these tight quarters! A lot of hit-and-miss happening! But it’s coming together! These young people have been awesome helpers and Mr. Chad too!



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