Travel Musings….

The vans lined up – a caravan moving through town after town. We’re the last van in this procession and so we can see up ahead to all of those that are before us. Interestingly, it just occurred to me that 44 friends and church family members are just as excited as I am today. Each white FUMC van and truck is full of past ASP team members as well as new adventurers. Every one of us brings something different to this mission. Every team member that has traveled this road before has unique experiences to base their anticipation while our new team members are traveling blindly to meet with new friends.

Along with us are some 30+ teenagers seeking to give of their time, energy, and heart. In the world we live in today, it’s uplifting to see our future leaders taking on this task. I’m in a van full of boys – some are sleeping, some quietly listening to music and I wonder what their thoughts are about the week ahead. What is it that they pray to give this week? What makes a teen give a week of summer to serve? We’ll see sides of these young people that will warm our hearts through the rest of this year

Time to go…Red Roof Inn just ahead!


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