Team – Gray Headed Fish Eagles

Team – Gray Headed Fish Eagles

Mickey Sewell, Bob Howard, Holly Weaver, Scott Sturdivant, Allyson Parmer, Hallie Bain, Hannah Henderson

Written by: Holly Weaver


This is my sixth year coming on ASP. I was especially looking forward to this year because I’ve been feeling distant from God, though I know he’s never been far. The reason for this is most likely because I haven’t found a church home in the city I go to college in. Why should I look for something I already have? ASP is the perfect opportunity for me to not only reconnect with God, but to come to terms with the things I’ve been struggling with. I am an adult team leader, though honestly I really don’t feel like an adult at nineteen, almost twenty. I was even less sure of myself when I was put on a team of seven, four of which are all first-timers on ASP. I’m not sure how this week will work out, but I know God has a plan.


Today was my first day at our worksite. My team was greeted by the smiling face of our homeowner. Not only had he waited until we arrived to leave, but he had also set up a tent with a number of folding chairs for us to rest, as well as two cases of water. Although putting up siding on a house may not be the most challenging work, it does not mean that it was any less rewarding 


Today we figured out how to cut siding in a much more efficient way – a chop saw. I think we put up at least twice as much siding as yesterday. We also got to know our homeowner’s three-year-old granddaughter, Lily, one-year-old grandson, Gus, and daughter-in-law, Lisa. At the end of the day, Lily was calling Scott, our lone male youth, her friend and talking with the other girls. Lisa and the three girls, Allyson, Hannah, and Hallie, formed a fast friendship. Lisa even brought us slushies, pickle slushies (yes made with actual pickles) to cool us down. Today was a great day.


Today marks the middle o the workday week – the halfway mark in ASP. People are starting to realize their abilities and limitations. They are getting and receiving warm fuzzies, figuring out who makes sandwiches for work, and working out the adult/youth shower times. At the worksite, some of the girls have realized they are more comfortable with some work, such as painting, than others, like operating a chop saw. Even though I feel like physical work could’ve been done, as I am reminded by Mr. Jimmy, the personal relationship with the family is just as important as the work on the house.


Today has been the hottest day at a sweltering 90 plus degrees. Staffers cautioned us to drink plenty of water and to leave earlier if the heat gets too bad. We finished majority of the siding on the back; we had a good pace going until we ran out. Today we also have the family picnic. Families are invited to join all the teams for burgers, hotdogs. And fellowship. I was excited to see the family we worked for there, as in six years, this is only the second family to come. Though I’m saddened to see the last day come; I can’t wait to see our (hopefully) completed project.



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