Team – Golden Winged Warbler

Team – Golden Winged Warbler

David Sturdivant, Todd Henderson, Madolyn Price, Ryley Scales, Jeb Baird, Sarah Franklin, Payton Windsor

Written by: Madolyn Price


Day one for our group was a little slow. We are finishing siding installation on the home. While the job isn’t that challenging, it is very tedious and doesn’t allow for all of us to be hands-on all the time. We do get a lot of help from the homeowner whose name is Dave. However, he prefers that we call him “Fat Boy” and will only answer to “Fat Boy”. We are all not adjusted to calling him this yet and feel rude saying it! The tornado damage in the holler is so devastating and the beautiful trees on the mountainside have been so easily snapped in half. We’re thankful to be here working and we can’t wait for day two!


We finished an entire side of the house with siding! It is starting to looks so good from the outside. We also started siding the last side of the house around the window that Fat Boy put in for us before we got there this morning. He is such a great help! Pam, his fiancé, has three daughters and we got to meet one of them today, along with her husband and two children. Pam also works at a doughnut shop in town and we have frequented it twice already. We are so glad to have the help of the homeowners who are also so very appreciative. Now we’re ready for day three!


When we got to the worksite today, Fat Boy told us that a young boy from the holler had come by the night before trying to steal some of the building materials and tools but luckily he caught him. Later in the morning, the young boy rode by the house on his bicycle and Fat Boy stopped him and they exchanged a few choice words. Fat Boy was very apologetic and felt so terrible that he said such awful words in front of good Christian people. We tried to assure him that we all have our faults and transgressions, but he still felt terrible. It made me think of how powerful a label we have as Christians. I hated for him to think that we are perfect because we definitely are not, but I wanted to be sincere enough to show God’s love. It had me thinking all morning, but that’s what ASP does. We completed all siding on the house today and it looks wonderful! We will start underpinning tomorrow. We’re ready for Day 4!


With the siding complete, we began working on the underpinning and metal trim at the top. But our work was stopped short in the morning when the ASP headquarters film crew arrived. Many of us were filmed working and interviewed. We need to keep watch to see if we made it on ASP’s materials. Ms. Pam’s dad, Mr. Mason, helped today and he, like Mr. Fatboy, is a huge help. After the picnic tonight, we went to Wal-Mart to buy gifts for Mr. Fatboy and Ms. Pam and we bought them: coffeemaker, dishes, silverware, shower curtain, and towels. Can’t wait to give it to them tomorrow and enjoy our last day!


With all of the siding finished, part of our team started working on the underpinning this morning and the other half went to help the other group inside. We raced to finish the bathroom floor before lunch, and we did. When it was finished, we set up all of the bathroom gifts we bought and hung the shower curtain. We then placed all the other gifts in a display like Christmas morning. We brought Mr. Fat Boy and Miss Pam in and they were speechless. It really warmed our hearts. We stayed extra late today to finish the projects and talk before we headed back all hot and dirty. We couldn’t be more thankful for this past week.


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