Team Firethroat – Sensory Overload on the Worksite!!!!!!!!!!

Team Firethroat has had the pleasure of working with a family that LOVES animals. We have 2 dogs, 4 puppies, a rooster, and a cat, several chickens (hens I don’t really know the difference), and about 10 baby chicks. We’ve really enjoyed having so many of God’s creatures around us. Our homeowner loves all creatures. She shared that she even loves the wasp, birds, and other creatures that find her home. 

On Tuesday, it was time to wash paintbrushes and so of course, we needed water. The water valve is located under the house. I’m not crazy about being under houses and so, Jim agreed to run down there for me. He turned the water on with no trouble….and then he summoned me down….to the basement….”to show you something”. Well…when the leader calls, you go. As I was walking though the door, he says, “only come in as far as you’re comfortable”. Uh oh….not a good sign. Walking through the outer door, Jim points up to a mud bird’s nest with little baby birds’ heads sticking out of the top. Well about the time my mind is processing that where there are baby birds, there should be a mama bird and….we’re inside (still making movements forward as my mind is putting everything in order). Already my better judgement is screaming to back out! So we move to just below the bird’s nest , in another doorway, and Jim points to the right corner under the house to show me  – oh wait! Mama Bird is now dive-bombing my head! Circling, circling – INSIDE. Swoop and circle, and glide and dive! What’s in the right corner? About 10 baby chicks and THEIR mama that are now all stirred up because we have blocked the doorway. Mama bird – circling, circling – INSIDE. Swoop and circle, and glide and dive! Chickens scattering…and then….and then….a growling just exactly at my ear height BEHIND ME! Jim and I both have our heads spinning like owls – round and round from the mama bird, the chicks, the hen and now behind us….THE DOG! The dog is sitting on a stairwell landing that just happens to put me eye-to-eye with a pooch that I didn’t know was there! I screamed, “I’m outta here!” and then attempted to make a diving dash out of the door certain that the mama bird was going to land on my head and peck my eyes out! Jim couldn’t run for cackling into absolute hysterics! Ugghh! I’m sure that I aged about ten years in those mere seconds under the house. Beware – anyone that wants “to show you something” but follows that with “enter only as far as you’re comfortable.”



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