Galapagos Penguins

Team – Galapagos Penguins

Greg Blackmon, Betsy Hodo, Maggie Fox, Tiffany East, Bennett Bice, Ben Whitley

Written by: Betsy Hodo


Day 1 was such a fund day! We have three “newbies” on the team. We got four holes dug for our new girder and build the new girder, assembled and temporarily braced under the house. I took all members of the team under the house to accomplish the task. Our family is so kind and helpful which makes work a joy. There are baby kittens and a new puppy to keep us entertained while we waited on supplies. Our fearless leader taught all the kids (and adults) how to use some new tools and kept us on the right path. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!


We got so much accomplished today. Leader Greg and the girls finished the girder under the house. We will miss the coolness of that as we move to the roof tomorrow. The boys with leader, Jimmy, started tying in the retaining wall the previous crew had built. They dug and dug and broke up rock for hours! They got four of the ten holes dug and boards connected and set with rebar. We got in two great hug breaks and the ASP crew brought us a special treat of much needed chocolate. I was amazed today at how much our homeowner and his grandson opened up. We have a truly amazing family.


Wow! Our boys worked HARD today. They got the retaining wall tied in today. They hammered rebar in to rock for hours. They then climbed the hill and shoveled dirt and rocks down the hill to back fill the wall. While the boys were busy with that, the girls and leader Greg got busy making trusses for the roof. This means a LOT of sawing. We were all covered from head to toe in sawdust. Tomorrow should be a HOT day of placing the trusses on the roof and building more. So proud of my team today. It was a long but rewarding day!


We had another crew today and man did we move! With the extra help, we were able to get so much accomplished. The boys, of course, started out on the hill back filling the retaining walls while the girls cut and assembled trusses. The it was time to get on the roof. We had three saws going, some people on assembling, and some on the roof installing. It was HOT! The theme for the day was “Throwdown Thursday”. The two teams created a step routine that was a huge hit! You can really see the progress everyone made today!


I can’t believe th work we accomplished this week. Not only that, but the friendships made with each other and our homeowner. Team Firethroat was with us again until lunch. We got the entire roof framed and ready for the next crew to put the tin on. But today, the work took a backseat. We worked hard, we got so much done, but, for me at least, it didn’t seem so important. Our homeowner, Michael, bought the entire two crews, lunch. I know it was a huge sacrifice for him. It was so delicious. We all gathered in his kitchen and ate like a big family. We closed our time with Michael in prayer. He told us he might never see us again here, but he’d see us in heaven. Such a fitting end to this week…


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