Magoffin County – Sunday…. Day 1

Well praise the sweet and wonderful Lord! We have FINALLY arrived. After yet another tire blowing out on the exact same trailer, our day was off to a great start. Thankfully, we were able to find a place to replace both of the spare tires and so…we at least have two more chances. And so…we trekked on….

Truly, the hills of Kentucky are breath taking. In every direction, the mountains rise to meet the sky. We hear of  “Kentucky blue skies” and wow, now I understand why. We drove up and over the mountains, around and down in to the hollers, and could see our own taillights in the hairpin turns we were maneuvering around. What a day.

Eventually, the tornado destruction from March 2012 came in to view and our reason for being here was apparent. The tornado must have come through and settled for a time in the valleys (hollers). The ASP center (Magoffin County High School) sits amidst much of this damage.

Our sleeping quarters, our home away from home, will be in the gym for the next five days. Boys are on one side – girls on the other. Our privacy plastic is quite the décor. We expect to see it on HGTV next season. Showers are in the locker rooms and are certainly a step up from last year. However, we hear there is no hot water. What?? I’m choosing to BELIEVE that there WILL BE hot water tomorrow morning when I awake!

Being in the cozy quarters that we are, lights-out is a big and total blackout! We’ve been put in to darkness and so…I must close. The laptop light is illuminating the entire girls’ wing!


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