Magoffin County – Monday – Day 2

Team Firethroat was on the scene bright and early this morning! Let’s get this party started. Of course…it’s Monday, which means…hold up – nothing happens quickly! All of the teams, both from Alabama and North Carolina, were circling the supply lot behind the school. A horde of white vans all needed supplies before leaving the center this morning. The supply room is the location for tools and items brought in from the hardware store. Ladders are strapped on top of vans. Lumber hangs out of windows. Toolboxes are crammed where van seats once were. Everyone is ready to meet new friends and work hard.

Around the bend and over a hill or three takes us to Team Firethroat’s home base. Our project is a family’s home that was partially damaged in the tornado in March, 2012. We’re excited to find out that our family has five children living in the home! Our job will be to finish a tin roof and to do some painting inside the house. Previous teams have started the roofing job so we’ll be completing their handy work. After an hour or so of discussion and planning, we’re able to get underway. The morning passed with laughter and lots of learning.  Firethroat leader Bain took time to explain and teach all along the way. It’s rewarding to see the youth on our team take an interest in learning new skills and to be so eager to use those skills. We learned how to use an electric sander, how to cut tin with some special drill, how to measure using both a tape measure and a square. We talked about safety and guillotines and how NOT to fall off of a roof. …lots of learning going on with Team Firethroat.

The tin roof crew developed a method to the madness while the other half of our crew grabbed paintbrushes and headed inside. The master plan for us was to paint a bedroom white…easy enough! With three of us working in this small room, we should be done in a jiffy. Well, again…it’s Monday and the walls seemed to simply suck the paint in and leave us with the same walls we started with…over and over.  After three coats, we agreed to give it a rest. We’ll check it tomorrow to see if we’re satisfied.

Well, in typical ASP fashion, God uses this time to bless us and perplex us.

At our age, we can all look back over our days and find regrets. Actually, the older I get, the more prominent the regrets stand out in my mind. I had an opportunity for a second chance today, and I took it.  I struggle here with the words to describe the setting and circumstance without crossing a personal line. Let’s just say that for 24 years, I’ve needed a “do-over” and while I didn’t exactly get that…I was able to hopefully help someone like I should have helped all those years back. It’s funny how God brought me to this place to resolve conflict and hurt in my heart. It’s a miracle to me that he led me to be placed on this trip, on this team, to meet our family, to hear her story, and to guide me through a conversation I so wish I could have had long ago with my own mom. Thank you Lord for giving me some resolve. I hope mom was standing with me there today and knows that those words were for her.


2 thoughts on “Magoffin County – Monday – Day 2

  1. Oh how I miss not being with yall this year. I love to read and see what you are doing and to see how God is using this week to change lives!! I love yall!! Helen

  2. Thanks for the blog Tammy!! You’re the best. Can’t wait to hear what opportunities you have today. I’ll say a special prayer for you!

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