Chores and an Ice Cream Cone

Every year on ASP, the teams throughout the center are responsible for taking care of the housekeeping items. Makes sense…who else would wash the dishes, sweep the floor, clean the bathroom, mop the showers, make lunches, take out the trash, wipe down the meal tables? So, the way this works is on a rotation schedule. On the wall in the cafeteria there is a large and colorful Chore Chart. Each day, we find our team name and the corresponding chore. There are some dreaded chores like BATHROOMS or SHOWER/LOCKER ROOM! Yuck! It’s hard enough to convince myself to clean the bathroom much less to try and get a youth to clean someone else’s bathroom bluck! We’ll take turns washing meal dishes and the youth seem to like this one best of all. Nothing like a high-powered  sprayer to entertain the kids!

After a long day of work and sweat, we all look forward to an evening of ice-cream at the Dairy Queen! Unlike the last two years, we actually have a real ice cream store with lots and lots of choices! This tradition is very important and everyone takes it very seriously!


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