All the Way to the Red Roof

We have arrived in Knoxville, TN at the Red Roof Inn. What a fun day. We left home this morning before 9am and of course, promptly stopped 45 minutes later for a stretch and snack. We were rewarded this year at our first stop with a sweet note. The cashier had been given a “warm fuzzy” for our group by a beloved ASP alum that had come through only hours before as she headed out of town. She knew we’d stop in the traditional places and so….left us words of encouragement that brought tears to our eyes. We miss you “Dirt Road”!

Traveling on … we enjoyed a food court lunch in Chattanooga and we were off AGAIN! Well, as every ASP must be cluttered with adventure…we didn’t get too very far before the rubber was flying! Our van was about fifth in line of our long procession. We weren’t sure where the rubber was coming from but it was seriously soaring by us. The little mini trailer, being pulled by one of the trucks in the procession, had blown a tire. No worries! We have handy, dandy, daddies on this trip. Half of the hdd’s helped jack up this tool-filled metal trailer while the other half of the hdd’s kept the trailer from falling over. Nicely done guys! We were back on the road in less than 15 minutes.  A little sad though to have our adventure cut short by their handiness as our junior handy dandies were entertaining us with a roadside acoustic concert. A harmonica and guitar is all we needed to pass the time.

The team about to embark on a spiritual week.

So thankful for handy, dandy, daddies!

“Nobody knows….the trouble we’ve seen.”

Just a little roadside entertainment.


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