My How Time Flies

I guess my blog has been dormant long enough. There have been so many post ideas, activities, life-events…and yet, nothing. Simply didn’t feel led to write. Now the question becomes, how to catch up? It’s much less daunting to simply pick up and move forward. Yes, that’s what I’ll do.

Spring has certainly sprung. The flowers and trees are all blooming and the temps are edging in to the 80’s. I do love this time of the year, pollen and all. The cars are covered. The dogs both have a yellow film stuck to their fur. I hear some people say that vacuuming a dog is a good way to keep pollen out of the house. Ha! We’d have to medicate the dogs AND ME if I came at either of them with a vaccuum!

Trying my hand (and black thumb) at a few flowers again this year. Last year was better than the year before but far from successful. The basil and oregano did very well. Our one lone fern actually lived through most of the winter outside. Funny, I’ve been so proud to see that my oregano has come back on its own this spring. I thought it was my ever-growing gardening abilities that brought it through the summer last year. Little did I realize, it probably would have lived if I’d left it alone – I mean…it sprouted up beautifully without even so much as a glance from me!

More tomorrow –


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