An Easter Celebration

Let’s pack just a tad more in to our Easter weekend….

To start the weekend, we endured a sickening soccer loss (6-0). Even when we know our team is young and we hear over and over, “they’ll be incredible in a couple of years”, it’s terribly hard to stomach such a loss! That was Friday. Saturday dawned a cornflower blue sky and more…SOCCER! We actually won this game 2-0 in front of the home crowd and a few extra family members so all is good.

The ever competitive family unit was challenged to an Easter Egg Decorating Contest by the newly married eldest child. Hmmmm…all we need is a challenge in this house! IT WAS ON!! After boiling 30 eggs, each competitor went in to deep thought. As usual, this family takes no competition lightly. It took 3 hours to decorate eggs. We had a ladybug, snorkler, Mickey Mouse, stained glass egg, Christian egg, Old McDonald’s Farm eggs, and the certainly popular, M&M “sexy and you know it” egg. Pictures are posted. As all competitions go, we will need a few rules next year. We had a complaint from the competitor that entered the “Christian – He Is Risen” egg as he was the only one that actually decorated an EASTER egg. Whatever! The judges submitted votes via Facebook. The winner’s prize is a week’s worth of no kitchen duties! I so wanted to win this competition but alas…did not! The stinkin’ M&M won!

On to church Sunday morning…working at the church, Easter is a fast-paced frenzy of worship services. Staff hops from one service to another. I do have the privilege of seeing lots and lots of friends between all of the services. When I finally landed in my family’s worship service, it was so perfect. The service was packed and the energy from the congregation sent ripples up my spine! Our praise team (band) stirs emotion every week but yesterday was extra special. The 500+ people could be heard above the microphoned praise members! God was smilin’ and laughin’ at all of us – he might have even danced a little jig!! I know I was!  🙂

This Easter was the first holiday with an official new member in our family. Our oldest treasure married his sweetheart of almost 5 years a couple of weeks ago. They came to church and our family unit was complete. We’re very blessed that our son found his own treasure and that she agreed to join this crazy adventure!

On to the extended family….Easter would not be complete without an Easter Egg hunt at Coco and Papa Mark’s house. The kids have been hunting eggs since they were in diapers and every year….every year we leave eggs in their yard! I wonder if the chipmunks and squirrels find our left-overs? Or better yet, perhaps we don’t find them because the chipmunks and squirrels TAKE those eggs before the kids can find them! That’s it! Our afternoon was relaxing and very pleasant. We weren’t ready to leave when the time came but school was calling our names – all the way from Monday.


Learning To Be Intentional

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” Chinese Proverb

Intentional – done on purpose

It is my hope and prayer to be more intentional in my time with God. For so long, I’ve given God many moments in my day but not much “intentional time”. Over the last few months, this seemingly obvious idea has developed in to a determined plan. My faith will only grow and flourish through daily, intentional decisions to spend time with our precious Savior.

Prayer for this beginning…

Lord, as I set out upon this day, I pray that you will be the center of my thoughts and actions. Before I speak, I pray that your voice gives me pause to filter anything that is not of You.


My How Time Flies

I guess my blog has been dormant long enough. There have been so many post ideas, activities, life-events…and yet, nothing. Simply didn’t feel led to write. Now the question becomes, how to catch up? It’s much less daunting to simply pick up and move forward. Yes, that’s what I’ll do.

Spring has certainly sprung. The flowers and trees are all blooming and the temps are edging in to the 80’s. I do love this time of the year, pollen and all. The cars are covered. The dogs both have a yellow film stuck to their fur. I hear some people say that vacuuming a dog is a good way to keep pollen out of the house. Ha! We’d have to medicate the dogs AND ME if I came at either of them with a vaccuum!

Trying my hand (and black thumb) at a few flowers again this year. Last year was better than the year before but far from successful. The basil and oregano did very well. Our one lone fern actually lived through most of the winter outside. Funny, I’ve been so proud to see that my oregano has come back on its own this spring. I thought it was my ever-growing gardening abilities that brought it through the summer last year. Little did I realize, it probably would have lived if I’d left it alone – I mean…it sprouted up beautifully without even so much as a glance from me!

More tomorrow –