Pickin’ and Grinnin’ in the Bluegrass State

After what could have gone down in the books as a frustrating day…we went pickin’ and grinning” and boy am I glad that we did!
Our job is continually getting more and more complicated with each board that we tear out, with each blasted nail that gets pulled. We think we’re ready to start building and find that more demolition needs to be done. I imagine that if we’d thought that our entire week was going to be about demolition then we might have settled in to it and been fine. As it was, we thought we were taking out a few floor joist, replacing the joist, laying some flooring, and finally…insulation. What a nice and tidy plan – right…the plan that WASN’T! It’s okay – we’ve made huge amounts of progress and our family (I love how we claim them as ours) gets closer and closer each day. It’s like to start with, they smiled from a distance – behind the curtains inside. As the hours and days wear on, I believe they realize that we aren’t there in judgment. We simply want to be there to help and so, they are venturing out from behind the curtains. Our eight year old little one is a busy, vivacious, talkative, helper, full of spunk little boy. He’s really had no trouble hanging out with us but the rest of the family has been a little slower to warm up.
So, we end the day dirty and weary of our tedious yet necessary jobs. We come back to bathe in the glorious showers (another post all together). I must say that I will obviously do that which I think I cannot when I am dirty enough.  Anyway…after dinner we all (42 of us) load up to travel for Culture Night. My understanding is that on culture night, it is the ASP staff’s responsibility to find the volunteers (us) something to do that relates to the community. Last year we went to a saw mill in the area. This year….we went to a community center about thirty minutes away for some pickin’ and grinnin’. The only image I had in my mind, with regards to pickin’ and grinnin’ was the Saturday night show from the 1970’s – “Hee Haw”. Can’t say that after the day I’d had, that this adventure was anything I was looking forward to. But…alas…it was awesome!! We had a little difficulty finding the sangin’ and walked in on a Gideon meeting and interrupted a group of people grilling out for dinner. FINALLY – we found what we’d come for…some good ole down home bluegrass music! The room was semi full until we arrived and then of course, it was standing room only. Mamaw was on the mandolin and singin’. Pawpaw was on the guitar and Uncle Fred was on another mandolin. He chimed in (I think) every so often on a chorus or two. Oh, and Cousin Bubba was on the banjo. They were havin’ a hoopti good time – and so were we! Before long, Tex saddled up to one of our girls and asked her to dance. She said yes, and off they went to two-stepping around the floor. That song ended and Tex found another of our girls, and another, and another…Ol Tex had quite the happy feet. The dancin’ was contagious and little by little we filled the dance floor with some Alabama happiness. We all slow danced and several even attempted another two step with Tex. We brought more than dancin’ feet to this pickin’ and grinnin’ – we had talent to boot. Two of our sweet Alabama beauties took the stage to sing (and had the whole place singin’ with her) and the other picked up the fiddle and brought the house down with her tunes. TOO TOO TOO MUCH FUN! The frustrating day melted away and the laughter reminded me of why I love ASP so much.


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