“Maybe Monday?”

The actual workday is over and we’re back at the ASP center. The high anticipation, anxious, worry is over. We’ve all met our families and been to their homes. Before this morning, all we knew was a rough estimate of the job we’d be doing. I wasn’t really concerned so much with the “job” but rather the surroundings in which I’d be doing said job. Our team gathered last night to hear that our family has a 14 year old boy and an 8 year old son. Both mom and dad are together at our site – all day. We understood that we were going to be working on reflooring a room, adding insulation, working on the outside of the trailer, etc. No big surprise there. So after talking about the mechanics of what we had to do today, we all went our separate ways to…..fret. I fretted over the conditions that we were going to be in and all of the smells and visuals that went along with it. Our new youth fretted over whether or not they could be helpful – and the conditions. Our sweet team leader fretted over the monumental task of organizing the room “re-do” from literally the ground (muddy ground) up.
We left this morning all packed with tools and snacks and lunch. Like last year, we hopped right back out of the car less than 2 miles down the road for ice and more drinks. Luckily and unlike some of our other teams, our work site is only about ten minutes away. After the store stop, we had a short but spectacular drive to our family. I’m absolutely in awe of the beauty in these hills. The green trees growing on the mountains against the backdrop of blue, clear skies makes me simply say, “thank you Lord for the blessings we receive in your handiwork”.
We arrive at our home site and meet the family. We’re very fortunate to have our family home and even more fortunate that we have two youngsters there to keep things interesting. Our little 8 year old jumped right in to help….talking ninety to nothing the entire time! Our girls on the team along with GF were great sports to the little guy listening, smiling, and laughing at all the right times.
The first half of our day was truly spent simply getting acquainted with what we needed to do, plan out a course of action, and begin to implement that plan. So, it was slow go for a bit but then everything started coming together. Our two male team leaders were so awesome with our youth making certain they understood what and why we were proceeding in the direction chosen. They also taught the youth how to use some of the tools and of course, about safety with POWER TOOLS!
As great as our production day was going, I was getting a little ancy about not spending anytime with our mom. The little 8 year old had no trouble hanging with us but the rest of the family was inside – away from us. But….but…as our day came to an end, I went to talk to mom about the picnic at the end of the week – to invite her. Well, she’s just as sweet as can be and had been spending the day cleaning out closets and reorganizing her trailer! DON’T I UNDERSTAND THAT!!! We talked for about 15 minutes about “mom stuff” and how the house needs so much work. Dad has worked on this and that but never finishes….uh hum…..must be universal. Anyway – I’m really excited about tomorrow! I’m looking forward to getting back to my new friend and sharing more during our short time here together.

Maybe more later – if there’s time.


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