A Revelation – Twenty Three Years In The Making?

A hard nut to crack? Ya think? It’s taken me almost 23 years to realize something. Maybe I’m just slow. Maybe it’s some other deep rooted issue with me. I had a serious “come to Jesus” revelation a few nights ago as I was toodling along in a golf cart at the beach. My revelation? I was seriously missing my bestest friend – my husband, Chadwick. 🙂 So goofy that I had to laugh at myself – out loud. Here we are, the girls and I, at the most wonderful white sandy beaches of Destin having a blast…and I was wishing my stinkin’ hubby was here.
Of late, I’ve been talking and teaching my girls about that “best friend” thing and how at their age, it’s tough to understand what a best friend really is. Little did I know or realize that I’m almost 43 and I’m only now truly getting the big picture. Chad is the one and only person on the face of this earth that I can be completely myself. He is the one and only human that “gets me” – and accepts that big long list of flaws. Well, really….he doesn’t ever accept flaws…he just loves me anyway and works ever diligently to make me a better person. 🙂 (if you know Chad…you understand this.)
These thoughts sent me down a path of little light bulbs turning on in my mind. My grandparents were married 73 years. Chad’s grandparents were married 50+ years. Chad’s mom has been married 20+ years. How precious, exciting, and comforting to know that your true and bestest friend in the world can be there with you for so long? I’m thrilled! I understand NOW how married couples can go on trips together or simply hang out at home – just the two of them. I get it! They not only love each other – THEY LIKE EACH OTHER and enjoy the mutual company! Maybe I’m a little slow with this epiphany because our children are getting a bit older – enough that I’m not completely consumed with whether or not they’ll be run over in a parking lot, or maybe it’s just taken a long time for a true friendship to develop?
One way or the other – I’m so happy and blessed to have a best friend. My coffee on the beach wasn’t nearly as delicious without him here this morning. Love you besty!