Our North Pole Friends

What a surprise (seriously…a BIG surprise) when Glitters, Sparkles, Jingles, and Percy came to visit from the North Pole! We didn’t expect them so early this year – we didn’t expect them until December! Their entry in to our house is always via a grand entrance but who knew that falling out of my bedroom armoire (while Kee was looking for a necklace) would be on their list of ways to surprise us. Geez! Kee almost had a heart attack – as did I when I received a frantic phone call while I was at church!

Our friends have been here for a couple of weeks now and we’re really not sure why. There has been no mishief, no gifts…nothing. So, the best I can offer to my very baffled children is that they have come to vacation, to hang out, to check in on our behavior???? They REALLY need to get back in that sleigh and head on back to Santy Clause. I hope that the next time they decide to “pop in” or “fall out”, it won’t be in front of one of my children but rather, with me. Then….I could send them back if it wasn’t the best time for a visit! Kapeesh???


One thought on “Our North Pole Friends

  1. What a surprise! I bet one of those elves convinced Santa to let them visit for just a few weeks. Is there any way you can get them to do housework?

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