It is done…one more time!

Whew! The night we’ve looked forward to – and dreaded…has come and gone. For months, we prepare, sweat, freeze, worry, laugh, cry, hurt, spend both time and money, all for the hope of becoming….a cheerleader. Well…it is done. Last night was the culmination of months, even years, of hard work for a group of young ladies. The high school cheer tryouts are once again over. We can breathe, if only for a bit of time before starting the process all over again. Sigh…………………

Growing up, I never thought I would end up in a small community like ours. Days and nights such as yesterday are when I know, without a doubt, that we are so very fortunate. I can’t count how many times I was contacted yesterday from good friends, neighbors, community leaders, church family to send well wishes. Walking through our quaint downtown area, I was stopped several times – even had a car or two roll down the window and send good luck to my daughter – and to all of the ladies that have worked so hard. Where else but a close-knit community do you find this? As try-outs were about to begin, the gym was filled with the families of the girls trying out, but also….our community of friends. There we all sat, together, for hours (and hours). There we sat as they called out the new squad – there we cried happy tears, and some sad ones too. The night ended and yet again I’m reminded why I live in this awesome community!

On to the more daunting thought….my sweet girl is about to enter high school! I know all too well how quickly the next 4 years will melt away. Our time with her, here at home, is on the backside of her childhood; another post for another time.


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