Our North Pole Friends

What a surprise (seriously…a BIG surprise) when Glitters, Sparkles, Jingles, and Percy came to visit from the North Pole! We didn’t expect them so early this year – we didn’t expect them until December! Their entry in to our house is always via a grand entrance but who knew that falling out of my bedroom armoire (while Kee was looking for a necklace) would be on their list of ways to surprise us. Geez! Kee almost had a heart attack – as did I when I received a frantic phone call while I was at church!

Our friends have been here for a couple of weeks now and we’re really not sure why. There has been no mishief, no gifts…nothing. So, the best I can offer to my very baffled children is that they have come to vacation, to hang out, to check in on our behavior???? They REALLY need to get back in that sleigh and head on back to Santy Clause. I hope that the next time they decide to “pop in” or “fall out”, it won’t be in front of one of my children but rather, with me. Then….I could send them back if it wasn’t the best time for a visit! Kapeesh???


Suburban Faith Talks

For the last 16 years, many “life-discussions” have happened while driving down the road. From the oldest to the youngest, this has been true.
Our oldest child stunned me more than once with comments and questions from the backseat – even from his booster seat. Announcing, at five, that he knew the “f” word almost sent me in to the ditch. “Really, son…well……………there are words that you will learn that simply aren’t to be repeated (gripping tightly to the steering wheel). Yes, mommy – it’s a very bad word – but can I just say it one time…I promise I won’t EVER say it again. Okay – tell me the word and then we’ll open the car windows and let it fly away – never to be repeated again (holding even tighter to the steering wheel and daring NOT to look in to the rearview mirror at his little face as he spoke this dispicable word). OK mommy, the…word…is….FART. Quick mommy – open the windows!
🙂 🙂 🙂 Yes, my sweet – we’ll certainly open these windows….get out of our car you nasty word!! Whew!

Ok so that was about 16 years ago and I’ve learned to brace myself when one of the children starts to seriously discuss something on their minds.

Last week, a different discussion began with the youngest. No idea why this was on her mind…and honestly, I’m not sure I helped her. We may have to visit this topic again, when she’s ready.

Again from the backseat of my Suburban, she asked me why we, as Christians, “are trying so hard to get to heaven? Why doesn’t Jesus just come back here and then we can all stay with our families and then no one has to be sad when someone dies.” You know, I’ve never thought of it that way. We began to discuss how perfect heaven will be – no sadness, no hurt, no sickness…only glory with God. Nope – not deterring this one. “Okay, mommy but I’m not thinking of how I will feel when I’m in heaven…I’m thinking about how sad everyone will be here.” Hmmmm, sniff, sniff…we’ll keep trying to work on this…

Our Suburban Faith Talks don’t get any easier after 16+ years.

It is done…one more time!

Whew! The night we’ve looked forward to – and dreaded…has come and gone. For months, we prepare, sweat, freeze, worry, laugh, cry, hurt, spend both time and money, all for the hope of becoming….a cheerleader. Well…it is done. Last night was the culmination of months, even years, of hard work for a group of young ladies. The high school cheer tryouts are once again over. We can breathe, if only for a bit of time before starting the process all over again. Sigh…………………

Growing up, I never thought I would end up in a small community like ours. Days and nights such as yesterday are when I know, without a doubt, that we are so very fortunate. I can’t count how many times I was contacted yesterday from good friends, neighbors, community leaders, church family to send well wishes. Walking through our quaint downtown area, I was stopped several times – even had a car or two roll down the window and send good luck to my daughter – and to all of the ladies that have worked so hard. Where else but a close-knit community do you find this? As try-outs were about to begin, the gym was filled with the families of the girls trying out, but also….our community of friends. There we all sat, together, for hours (and hours). There we sat as they called out the new squad – there we cried happy tears, and some sad ones too. The night ended and yet again I’m reminded why I live in this awesome community!

On to the more daunting thought….my sweet girl is about to enter high school! I know all too well how quickly the next 4 years will melt away. Our time with her, here at home, is on the backside of her childhood; another post for another time.

Winter Blues/Spring Dreams

Oh the weather for the last couple of weeks has been absolutely miserable. The cold, rain, wind, and clouds could be depressing – if….it didn’t provide wonderful opportunities to dream of spring! We all know that I love lists. So, during the bleary winter time, I make spring list:

-cleaning out border beds in the yard
-hummingbird feeders cleaned and prepared for our spring and summer guests
-trip to birding areas to welcome our feathered friends back to the US from their winter homes
-fencing repaired/replaced
-herb garden plans (new plans since last year’s herbs didn’t fare so well)
-triathlon training
-spring break in April – where to go?
-fresh strawberries
-college graduation plans
-early morning walks

I’ll continue to add warm and sunny plans for our spring.