Full Speed Ahead

We are well in to the new year – I’m already wondering where the month has gone. January is the month that reminds me why I love the south. I’m cold. Simple. C – O – L – D! I long for open windows, warm breezes, and the sweet sounds of birds. Leaving church on Sunday, I opened the door and heard birds! I was overjoyed for the split second it took for the frigid air to slap me back in to reality. Those poor little birds were most likely chirping for help – “Help me find the south – I’m freezing!” Oh well…the good thing is that winter is usually relatively short here. By March, we’ll have those warm afternoons, at least…I hope…

We have an injury. Yes, right before the dreaded cheer tryouts, we are injured. First words from everyone is…”you do have video, right?” That’s a “yes” and…a “not really”. You see, I’m just not the overly prepared cheer mom. Boo me – I know. I have some video but not….alot. We have a couple of weeks for a miraculous recovery – plenty of time…right?

Time to rush off for yet another pick-up….just to remind myself – post about Zumba. Loving the new found past-time. šŸ™‚


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