2011 – Already? Really?

We all enjoyed a great weekend with family and friends. Our New Year’s Eve was spent with some great friends. Everyone that gathered together was so happy and thankful to have a dear friend home for the holidays after he spent six months in Afghanistan. The food and fellowship was well worth the late night. New Year’s Eve has taken on new life over the last few years. My children look forward to going to Miss Pam’s and Mr. Todd’s for New Years and plan long in advance for the evening. You see, it may not be novel to some people but to me… lighting Christmas trees, actually – blowing up a Christmas tree, is a new thing – and an exciting thing at that! Along with the Christmas tree explosion, the fireworks are better than many professionally orchestrated events I’ve been to in the past. All-in-all a fantastic night with very special people. It was a wonderful way to bring in the new year.

On to New Year’s Day and a polar bear dip….Alabama style! Our across the country cousins have been on this side of the world for the last few weeks and brought the polar bear dip idea with them from way out in Washington. After spending a good piece of time explaining to my children – WHY we would put on bathing suits (in January) and charge off in to freezing cold water on a blustery winter day….they were game! Unbelievable. It was very important that someone take pictures of the fun – I volunteered! Before the team of crazy people could (or would) take this plunge, they needed to take a quick run of about..oh…three miles or so. Once back from the run, bathing suits on, shivering commences, cameras ready…

I’m almost afraid of what may be a new tradition???

My mama always said, whatever you’re doing on New Year’s day is what you’ll spend the year doing. Lucky me! Spending time with friends and family all year -what more could one ask for?


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