Time for the new calendar…

I am a calendar freak – there…I said it. I live and die by my calendar(s). The beginning of the new year is so exciting. The new calendars are out – everywhere. Here’s the thing – choosing a calendar is challenging. I like the monthly calendar with large boxes (that are rarely actually large enough) and of course, some pleasant theme and pictures to look at all year. Last year, I created our own personal calendar. It was great and I loved looking at it but…I didn’t want to clutter it up and so…never wrote on it. I just looked at it.
I carry with me daily my work calendar and our personal family calendar. We have a calendar in the kitchen (extended family calendar of pictures), a dry-erase calendar on the fridge, my google calendar, an Outlook calendar, and a wall calendar in my office. Calendars are very important when your life is so very busy. So you see, choosing the right calendar is crucial.
Some of my sweet family gave me a desk calendar for Book Lovers. Each day, this calendar has a summary of a book that Books-A-Million suggests that you read. I can’t wait to start this calendar!!
The pressure is on – I have only two days to find just the right calendars!!

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