Christmas Day 2010

Christmas Day, 2010 would start early like so many of the years before – NOT! Chad and I were up bright and early, like always. Actually, I thought we had missed a text or phone call from the children upstairs begging to come down. Afterall, it was 5:30am when we awoke. Surely they had tried to communicate with us – or….not? So, we made coffee, turned on soft Christmas music, checked the living room for Santa surprises…yep, he had come. We had cameras all ready, checked our cell phones – nothing, nada…zero! Ok – we even went through that moment of “are they alive”? I guess it was about 6:30 I began texting the two oldest children “Are you up?” “Santa has come.” Still NOTHING! UGGHHHH Okay, around 7:00am I finally get a blip from Anne-Marie that they are all still asleep! Eventually the quartet all begin to stir around 7:30am. They call down that they are ready to come and have Christmas with us. “Glad that you’ll be able to join us this year!”
Bean bags, bb gun, Itouch(s), clothes, flying helicopters, some flying saucer (crazy thing), and lots of games later, the living room looked like the gift wrap monster had shed his winter coat! The kids were all completely thrilled with their Christmas treasures and immediately began to play and try on new clothes, thereby creating even more gift wrap shedding. I now have a GPS – a NUVI 255, to be specific. Not that I want to go anywhere right away but I am looking forward to typing in an unknown address so my new friend (I haven’t named her yet.) can lead me exactly where I need to go. As of yet, I’ve only been able to have my friend tell me what I already know….turn right to go home.
Christmas morning was pleasant and cozy. We had breakfast and hung out together. I’m not sure how many more, if any, Christmas mornings will be this way. Adam will graduate from Auburn this Spring. Life could be very different next year – wonderful and good…just different.

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