ASP – The Real Reason

After my talk with God on Tuesday, my ASP adventure opened my eyes to service. More than ever, EVER before, I understand that being called to serve is a rather simple directive from God. We, the children, make the call complicated. If we can simply respond to the needs of others without the judgmental “why”, “how”, and “when”, and just GO – it’s not hard. Our problem is tearing ourselves from those questions and breaking free of the judgement we cast continually on our fellow brothers and sisters. As hard as it is to do this, when I’m successful, it’s so freeing! I can’t “fix” the world – for heaven’s sake I can’t “fix” ME!! I just have to love and continually serve in ways that would make our Lord smile.

Since we’ve been home from our mission, I’m a work in progress. Several times, I’ve had the opportunity to test my new-found theories. Again, it’s hard and I struggle. But….I’m thinking; I’m trying. Actually, it’s not so tough to let go and just love – it keeps normally tangled feelings pure and clear. Just love – just help – just smile – just be what God called us to be.

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