Tangled Thoughts….

Before going back to upload a week’s worth of ASP daily happenings, I want to sort through these emotions of coming home to our precious children, missing the children we left in Kentucky, and the blessings of serving a humble, loving people. How to do that?
Some of my teammates laughed at my need to make lists. I think, maybe, that’s what I’ll have to do to sort through how this week has impacted my life.

-A group of youth and adults from Alabama
-Team Polly Pocket
-Hills of Kentucky – blue skies and cottony white clouds
-A quiet people
-To share this experience
-Missing TJ and Tabitha

The ASP Group from Alabama traveled for 9 hours or so to touch the lives of some people in Kentucky. Who believed, really, that we would be the recipients of a touch? As we rode in to town to “save the day”, it was surely God that smiled and said – “We’ll see, my friends.” Of the thirty five that headed to the hills, maybe half of our team were returning to an area they had seen before. They knew… they had been touched before. They smiled quietly at our eager anticipation to get moving, to get to work. The newbies wanted to build, paint, construct, impact, physically, this quiet town of Chavies, Kentucky. After the first day, Mosey Monday, it was clear….this mission is NOT about anything physical. This was so much more. The physical projects were assigned and supplies supplied but no one could prepare us for the basic, to the core, human need that would be met in the hills. This week was about a bond between God loving people – meeting each other “right where they are; just the way they are”. All of us – our families met US and accepted US right where we are in life – just the way we are….and it’s a far cry from where they are – but only in the physical sense. These families love each other – just like we do. These families love our Lord – just like we do. These families want to help others – just like we do. Their houses may not meet basic human needs, in some cases. Their clothes may differ from ours. Their standard may be different from ours…but what actually matters….they get it. Yep – God was smiling.


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