Team Polly Pocket

I know all of the teams had special dynamics and came from the week bound together in a mission bigger than we can explain. But of course, I think Polly Pocket was the best! We had some experienced ASP members and then we had newbies. There were three adult males, two female youth (teens), one teen male, and me. I don’t have many opportunities to work with teens as my job keeps with the little people so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Actually, what I expected was the work ethic I see from my own teens at home. Boy was I surprised! The youth on our team took charge, moved forward, and truly contributed with a passion that was beyond my dreams. The beautiful girls on our team are typical teenage girls, active in school, church, and have loving families. These two young ladies walked on to that site, the very first day, and openly loved the babies and their mom. Even as teenagers, they still possess that innocent, open-hearted love for others that I have generally only associated with young children. Oh – please keep that heart! I don’t know when, in life, we lose that ability but I hope they NEVER do.
Several times during our week – after my “sit-down” talk with God, I had to stop and swallow hard at the sight of the young man on our team. More than once, this six plus foot tall guy was sitting quietly with one of our babies in his lap – just talking and sharing his time. I don’t think I would expect less from him but all the same – what 15 year old boy takes the time to love, unconditionally, a child he doesn’t know. Maybe more would, given the opportunity?
And our men – all three of the adult men on our team are successful family men. All three have loving families with children that adore them. Each one brought talents and gifts to our team. We were given several projects or the “work” of the week. Not once, did I see these men put the project before the people. The children eventually became part of our team and worked right along side the guys, using their tools, and requesting lap time. I was very fortunate to be a part of team Polly Pocket.


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