ASP – Day #3 Why?

And so…the work commenced, and my goodness what kind of work we had before us! My understanding is that Monday morning is just a little slow to get going. The first day is an organization nightmare coming from someone who likes to have lots of order. Funny though, it all worked out – just like they said it would. I simply need to learn to “chill” and “go-with-the flow” a little more. We waited until almost mid-morning for supplies to arrive from town –ha! Town? Mayberry might be a metropolis compared to this sweet little Kentucky town. I think the blinking light at the bottom of the hill where we’re staying is the only light and it may quite possible not actually be in Chavies.
Let me stop for another quick note to say that this area is absolutely breathtaking. The trees grow tall and emerald green against a true blue Kentucky sky and no matter where you’re standing or sitting…the hills go on forever. As always, nature makes me in complete awe of God!
Back to my story…all of the vans pulled out of the center around 9:30 HOOTY HOO!!!! On our way!! Then…we stopped at the bottom of the hill for snacks  – THAT took a spot of time. Eventually, we were off – over the hill and around the bend to our adopted family for the week. You know the excited feeling you have when you’re about to arrive somewhere new – each house that you pass – is that it? Oh – is that the road that we’ll turn on? Is that the house up on a hill? We were all greatly anticipating this first meeting. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long. Our family consisted of a single mom with two small children, a four year old girl and a five year old boy – adorable. Introductions made, a couple of us spent a few minutes with the children. They were very open to new friends and asked lots of questions. Fun!
After unloading supplies, tasks were divided among us based on ability. That left me with…want me to….sweep?? Just kidding, I was about to learn all about insulation. I have to say that after five hours in an 11×12 foot room with five people and lots and lots of insulation, I have a new appreciation for insulation putter uppers (who does this anyway ?). We measured, cut, and stapled for hours. Our job today was to put insulation in the ceiling and then the walls.
This day was tough for many reasons. I was hot, nasty, and had insulation in my eyes, nose, ears… But more than that – the beauty of this land, the wonder of this mission, the anticipation of meeting our families, has somehow evoked feelings I didn’t expect.
Enough for today – too many thoughts to sort through tonight.


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