ASP – Day 1

We’re off to the hills of Kentucky. While excited, I’m a bit apprehensive about exactly what I’ve signed up to do. There are thirty five serving souls on this trip and I’m amazed at those that return year after year to reach out to help their fellow man.

The trip started bright and early with Communion and a prayer. We left our small, sleepy town before 9:00am only to stop promptly 10 minutes later to adjust a few ladders that were banging around on top of one of the vans. Moving on down the road…just a bit and we stopped again when Precious Van #3 decided – I’m done…. Now, we all remember the old joke about how many men does it take to change a light bulb. Well…if we thought it took a parcel of men to change a light bulb…just think how many it took to open the hood of the van! And…we won’t even talk about how many it takes to decide that the van is finished. Oh, well…luckily, there were only two grown people on this van and no luggage so we snuggled them in on another van – and we’re off again……………right down the road (3 miles?) where we stop for a potty break. I think this may have been a souvenier opportunity for race memorabilia but…I passed.

The trip continued until lunch where we stopped at a particularly great mall. This mall ranks due to the fact that Barnes and Nobles AND Starbucks were located just beside the food court. I really think I could live in a bookstore (that’s another post altogether).

Onward and northern bound, we made it to Knoxville with no other malfunctions and lots of great fun. Our fearless leader released the top secret team information and we are now completely set and ready for the week. After dinner together, the competition ensued – time to go BOWLING!! Yep, bowling…haven’t bowled in ten years or more. Nothing much has changed – still can’t break 100. Luckily, there were some team members that were in touch with their inner bowling strengths and….OUR TEAM WON! I’m just so thrilled that my team beat Chad’s team – HAHAHAHAHA (of course, I did nothing but hurt my team’s average 😦 )

It’s time to start the first day and head in to Kentucky where we’ll meet others that have chosen to answer a call to serve. I hear over and over again that we come expecting to serve and to bless others but it’s us that will be touched and blessed. How exciting is THAT two-way street? God is good and amazing – ALL THE TIME!


2 thoughts on “ASP – Day 1

  1. Tammy,

    I am so glad that you are with this group. They have always needed a talented writer with them to keep a journal of the week. They may start paying you to go with them! Thanks for keeping the “left behind” group up to date on what’s going on. Have a great week and know that you are all in our prayers. Love y’all

  2. Glad you are going on this trip. I heard that my Will is on your team . Hope ya’ll have a great time. Everyone is in my prayers. Love reading your blog.
    Be safe.

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