ASP – Day 2 – Arrival at the Center – DOING WHAT WE DO!

Kentucky is beautiful! As we drove deeper and deeper in to Kentucky, the hills and views were amazing. I think I could live here. The center is located in the midst of a little residential neighborhood atop a big ole hill. We found the center with a little help from a friend – a fast friend… PawPaw was very friendly and animated…from hi s front porch. As all of our vehicles (3 vans and a truck) rumbled by his house on a one lane road/track by his house, he was just a’wavin…. How friendly! I waved back…I guess all of us did. All except for B-rad and Justin who had sense enough to realize that PawPaw was NOT telling us hello. He was trying to let us know that the center was NOT down that road! “But the GPS said that it’s up this way” Like the man didn’t know?
We all turned around and actually listened to PawPaw. He said “up that hill – is where you’re headed”. Up that hill? Up that mountain? Yep – up, up, up. I’d hate to have to walk up that hill. Little did we know at that moment but some crazy members of our team ran up and down that stinkin’ hill multiple times…on purpose. Crazy people!
The gray, cinder-block building was just that – gray, cinder-blocks. No frills, nothing noteworthy really. All of the veteran ASP members “ooohhhed and awweed” over this permanent center. They seemed rather thrilled at this plain, Jane, gray building. Ok – I’m game, I guess? There would be indoor showers and air conditioning so it sounded like an upgrade from some stories from past trips.
The plan had been to arrive at the center early (before other teams) so that we could get settled before it became crowded. Plan success? Negative. The other two teams from Michigan and Ohio had already arrived but both teams were relatively small so arriving after them didn’t really matter. We tumbled out of vans and headed in search of our temporary homes/beds/cubbies? The inside of the center was clean and…had these awesome murals on the walls. We later learned that ASP teams, over the years, had created these works of art.
The camp-dorm style rooms were wall to wall bunk beds. The adults took first dibs on the bottom bunks…well, the FEMALE adults managed to convince younger chicks to let us have the bottom bunks. I hear the adult MALES didn’t fare so well and a few old men had to climb up to a top bunk.  Whew – that would have been tough. Thanks girls for your sweet understanding that moms don’t need to be on second floor beds.
The rest of our day was spent in laughter and fun. Team leaders went out to meet our families and to take some notes on our assignments for the week. The rest of us enjoyed the afternoon settling in and getting to know each other. The evening ended with a circle of servants, holding hands in prayer for a people we had still yet to meet. The prayers tonight were tinged with excitement and readiness to be the hands and feet of our Lord.


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