My black thumb has a hue of green!

I’ve been thinking of my grandmother often over the last few weeks. It’s because of her that I am closely tending to my little plants this summer. Over and over again, year after year, I love the idea of gardening only to quickly tire of the heat and bugs – and so…everything dies. Well this year, between Chad finding great humor that I was again attempting to grow something and the constant thought of how sad my grandma would be with me….I am succeeding! This has not been particularly easy. It has not been only my wimpiness with regards to the heat and the bugs. We don’t have a great deal of direct sunlight in our yard. So, Bess and I planted impatiens in a shady flower bed and they have been particularly happy – much to our delight. The marigolds are standing up brightly, quite pleased to have a little spot of sun. The herbs, cilantro, sweet basil, lavender, and oregano are also coming along nicely. I don’t really know what to do with these herbs now that they seem intent on living. I’ve been studying the herbs in the produce section at WalMart to see what the cut plants look like so that I can come home and snip mine to look the same.
My industrious sister-in-law gave me the idea to plant the remaining little garden in our plastic swimming pool. I can’t say for sure if this is working. I had some extra marigolds and a few cucumber plants to place and thought – what the heck, no one will be surprised if they die so I’ll just try it. The plants are alive but not thriving. My limited experience has me guessing that I didn’t add enough dirt. Of course, the more likely problem is that Zoey (choc. lab) doesn’t understand why there are “things” in her pool and constantly wants to investigate. I guess my sister-in-law had not used her plastic pool for her dog.
The marigolds are ok – not overly happy. Only two of the four cucumber plants are alive and slowly showing signs of life. The other two didn’t live through the first couple of days of Zoey investigations. I forgot until just now that I had also planted a yellow pepper plant in our pool garden. The pepper plant went in to the pool as the tallest, happiest plant. Zoey grabbed that plant out of the dirt and ran off with it! …sigh…


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