Zoey and Layla – the girls

This picture is not of Zoey and Layla! Just read back over my post and realized it looks and sounds like this picture of Keegan and Zoey could be misunderstood. 🙂

Our sweet baby Zoey dog has a best friend – like a real BFF. Who knew dogs had buddies? Every day these two girls romp, play, and frolic up and down the hills and yards on our street. Just like neighborhood pals, upon our arrival home in the afternoons, Layla comes to see if Zoey can come out to play. Yesterday, I looked out in to the carport and the two were sprawled out amid a sea of yellow pollen snoring away the afternoon. Both pooches are mild-mannered and happy dogs. Occasionally, we see four or five of the neighborhood buddies horsing around. It’s nice to think our little princess has a friend.


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