Spring in the South

If you’ve never had the joy to spend a few days in the south – in the spring…then you have something left to do in your life. After a dreary, wet, cold winter, spring has arrived! The beauty that came along with spring this year is fantastic. I don’t know if it was the particularly nasty winter that has made the spring so glorious or if in fact, it’s over-the-top this season. The flowers seem to have a deeper, richer color. The sky is a crisp shade of blue and the clouds are cottony white! Even the grass seems to have a happy green hue about it.

Along with great weather these last few days, we also have spring sports going on. Soccer is my personal sport of choice but baseball is in full “swing” too. Ha! All of God’s creatures are bustling about happy to be in the warmth of the sun. The yellow dust has also settled…yes, pollen. I love to have my windows open and the attic fan whirring and pulling fresh air in to the musty, winter house. However….however, the yellow dust is EVERYWHERE! It’s just about worth it, the dust, to have new air to breathe. I’ll have to find the time, energy, and effort to dust it all soon – just not yet.


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