Zoey and Layla – the girls

This picture is not of Zoey and Layla! Just read back over my post and realized it looks and sounds like this picture of Keegan and Zoey could be misunderstood. 🙂

Our sweet baby Zoey dog has a best friend – like a real BFF. Who knew dogs had buddies? Every day these two girls romp, play, and frolic up and down the hills and yards on our street. Just like neighborhood pals, upon our arrival home in the afternoons, Layla comes to see if Zoey can come out to play. Yesterday, I looked out in to the carport and the two were sprawled out amid a sea of yellow pollen snoring away the afternoon. Both pooches are mild-mannered and happy dogs. Occasionally, we see four or five of the neighborhood buddies horsing around. It’s nice to think our little princess has a friend.


Spring in the South

If you’ve never had the joy to spend a few days in the south – in the spring…then you have something left to do in your life. After a dreary, wet, cold winter, spring has arrived! The beauty that came along with spring this year is fantastic. I don’t know if it was the particularly nasty winter that has made the spring so glorious or if in fact, it’s over-the-top this season. The flowers seem to have a deeper, richer color. The sky is a crisp shade of blue and the clouds are cottony white! Even the grass seems to have a happy green hue about it.

Along with great weather these last few days, we also have spring sports going on. Soccer is my personal sport of choice but baseball is in full “swing” too. Ha! All of God’s creatures are bustling about happy to be in the warmth of the sun. The yellow dust has also settled…yes, pollen. I love to have my windows open and the attic fan whirring and pulling fresh air in to the musty, winter house. However….however, the yellow dust is EVERYWHERE! It’s just about worth it, the dust, to have new air to breathe. I’ll have to find the time, energy, and effort to dust it all soon – just not yet.

Easter thoughts

Some years, Easter just seems to really sink in. The real reason that we celebrate Easter is so often lost, as many Christian holidays are, in the marketing. Tonight, Chad and I had the privilege to sit with a group of sixth graders and watch “The Passion of the Christ”. We’ve watched this movie several times before. The first time was tough – just the graphic nature of the film was enough to get through. Tonight, my heart flat out just hurt. Not only was I sad, I was ashamed that Jesus endured so much for me. How do I go about everyday life not constantly remembering His sacrifice?
Just like those that celebrated His entry in to Jerusalem on what we now call Palm Sunday and five days later forget who He is…that’s what we do every week! We go to church on Sunday with the best of intentions for our week. We celebrate knowing Jesus! We love Him! We pray to glorify Him everyday! How short we fall everyday. How often we forget His name – forget His sacrifice – forget His pain. We have a long, long, way to go.